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Income Tax Evasion

Interviewing defendants accused of income tax evasion.

A novelty piece in the old “break-in” style pioneered by Dickie Goodman and Bill Buchanan where song clips replace soundbytes from interviews or dialogue.I downloaded this from AOL in the mid-1990’s, and I don’t recall who uploaded it originally.If you or someone you know created this, please let me know so that I may give proper credit.Thanks!

Can you touch an electron? The weird metaphysics when states try to tax digital goods

Some state governments are still grappling with the idea of goods that have transcended the material plane. How do you regulate them? How do you tax them?

Source: Can you touch an electron? The weird metaphysics when states try to tax digital goods

The Behavioral Psychology of Why Taxes Suck | WIRED

Now, it’s tempting here to consider burning the whole house down. “The goal would be to make the tax code neutral, to let the markets behave the way the way they should,” says Hungerford. Overvalue assets like housing and you’re messing with the basic forces of supply and demand that (under ideal conditions) drive the economy. That’s the motif for most tax loopholes.

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Don’t Be So Happy About That Tax Refund

But if you’re among the millions expecting a payout from the IRS this spring, make no mistake: That money was yours all along. Getting a refund means you paid too much in taxes last year and the government is paying that money back — without interest. People who underpay, on the other hand, owe interest and possibly a fine as well.

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Tax return filed!

FairTax: Fire Up Our Economic Engine

If you don’t already know about the FairTax, or–for some idiotic reason–oppose it, watch this video and maybe go learn more about it!

TSA: Grope & Pillage (An Infographic)

I have long been a critic of the Transportation Security Administration and its parent Department of Homeland Security since their inception following the attacks on September 11, 2001. That is not to say that I don’t think that we should have security at our airports, but that we should have more commonsense policies that don’t rely on a strategy of general harassment and exploitation of the flying public. The TSA strategy is generally reactive (please remove your shoes because that one guy tried to make them a bomb) and encumbered by bureaucracy. This sort of thing has led to labour slowdowns, periodic line freezes, and other general annoyances that do nothing to hinder terrorism while doing everything to annoy and patronise the flying public. In a way, the TSA simply proves that the terrorists won.

TSA: A Portrait of Inefficiency, Ineptitude, and Waste.
TSA Waste
This pretty much says all.