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College Football on TBS Brought To You By Domino’s (circa 1989)

Back when TBS showed college football.

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Atlanta Braves Opening Day 1992 TV Spots (TBS)

Remember when everyone caught “Braves Fever” in 1991 when they went from worst to first in the National League only to heartbreakingly lose to the Minnesota Twins in the World Series? Remember when everyone was “doing The Chop” when Deion Sanders came on board? Remember when TBS provided television coverage for the games with Skip Caray and Don Sutton? Remember rain delay programming featuring The Andy Griffith Show and Sanford and Son?

These are a couple of montages featuring highlights from the Atlanta Braves 1991 “Cinderella Season” teasing the upcoming 1992 opening day on TBS.

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TBS Sports: Hawks vs. Pistons (circa 1992)

Another TV spot for TBS’s coverage of Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball–highlighting the talent that viewers could expect to see playing…on the opposing team.

Also notable is Dennis Rodman looking “normal”.

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TBS Sports: Hawks vs. Bulls TV Spot (circa 1992)

Is it just me or is it a bit of a shame that local TV would resort to selling a telecast based on the merits of the OPPOSING team? I mean, it was Michael Jordan and two-time World Champion Chicago Bulls, but still….

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TBS Presents: “10 Days of The Duke”

Remember when TBS started doing these prime-time marathons in the late 1980s? “10 Days of The Duke” celebrating John Wayne, “16 Days of 007” whenever a new James Bond movie came out, “8 Great Hours of Andy” over Thanksgiving. My family and I looked forward to these marathons–even if we couldn’t always get the best reception on our ancient television sets! These eventually led to the postmodern invention of cable networks adopting a single film to show for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day (another Turner invention).

This is a collection of TV spots and bumpers for the John Wayne marathon that debuted in the fall of 1992.

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TBS Presents: “30 Years of James Bond” (circa 1992)

TV spot advertising TBS’s “30 Years of James Bond” movie marathon event in the fall of 1992.

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TBS Tonight: 2010 (circa 1989)

15 second advert clip from TBS advertising the evening movie: 2010: The Year We Made Contact

The 1989 Alamo Challenge: A TBS Sports Exclusive!

“Never before have divers from The Big Three met in true head-to-head competetion!” USA vs USSR vs China in Olympic-level diving competition.