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How 1980s Atlanta Became the Backdrop for the Future

Insurgent’s production designer Alec Hammond came to Atlanta looking for a location that could be manipulated into a post-apocalyptic megatropolis. For the film’s fictional Candor faction’s headquarters, the uniformity of Peachtree Center’s septet of Portman office towers fit the bill. Exterior shots were filmed from the roof of the Portman-designed AmericasMart, where protagonist Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) visits Jack Kang, the fictional leader of the Candor faction. Onscreen, Tris traipses past Portman’s skybridges and leaps through shards of glass. During these scenes, the audience also glimpses the iconic blue saucer that is the Polaris Restaurant atop Portman’s 1967 Hyatt Regency Hotel.

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Afterburn 2×02: Tusken Raiders Ride Zombie Ponies On A Battleship

To me, the image is really funny…I just picture them on horseback with their scimitar swords and their man dresses on…on a ship, out in the water.

Hammy, Afterburn

Today’s episode of Afterburn analyses Iran’s naval power (as well as the merits of Tusken Raiders having a navy).  In addition, Hammy and Drake argue about guns and whether helicopters or aeroplanes are better.  Meanwhile, special guest Blue reviews AMC’s orginal series The Walking Dead and Atari recounts an encounter he had in LA traffic.

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