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August Photo-A-Day Challenge (2012)

This is the end result of a Twitter photography project I undertook during August this year. The task was simple: each day, take one photo that fits the theme with a mobile phone and upload it to Twitter. Simple, but daunting. It was a task in and of itself to remember the project and find suitable subjects for each photo. Regardless, I finished the requisite 31 photos and compiled them into a collage that fits the month’s calendar.

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You know you’ve “made it” when Raphael follows you on Twitter

Screen shot 2012-08-29 at 2.18.59 PM

It’s that awkward moment when you realize that your childhood heroes respect you as an adult.

Bill Nye Reading Mean Tweets

Who doesn’t love the Nye guy? Seriously, let me know because those people need to go back to Communist Russia.

How The GOP Used Twitter To Stretch Election Laws

Note that there is no mention of this activity from the Democrat Party; however, that does not rule out the possibility of implication.

The practice is the latest effort in the quest by political operatives to exploit the murky world of campaign finance laws at a time when limits on spending in politics are eroding and regulators are being defanged.

More at CNN

Lyft’s Social Media Marketing

This was stuffed into my Twitter feed today. I’m not sure whether Lyft’s copywriters thought about the connotation here or if they simply have the best marketing team on social media.

Hey, babe, need a Lyft?

What About Me: An Infographic (November 2012)


Of all the billions and billions of people on Twitter….