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Generic “Taxi Driver” Commercials (circa 1989)

A couple of generic commercials for a for-profit vocational training school featuring a faceless taxi fare riding though a rain-soaked park somewhere in Atlanta. The names have been changed, but the script is the same.

Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Centers (circa 1992)

Is your future secure? Learn to drive a tractor-trailer in the newly deregulated trucking industry and be your own boss! Vocational training center adverts like this one were in heavy rotation in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

TBS Tonight: 2010 (circa 1989)

15 second advert clip from TBS advertising the evening movie: 2010: The Year We Made Contact

Arby’s: “New Country Fried Steak Sandwich” (circa 1989)

Two presumably New Yawkuhs muse poetically about how the new Arby’s country fried steak sandwich makes them feel like they’re in the country.

Washington Apples: “A Whole New Crop” (circa 1989)

A little slice of inoffensive Americana in the late 1980s: slicked-back hair, leg warmers, oversized sweaters, slimline telephones, neon, basketball, and crisp Washington Apples.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Today’s Paper” (circa 1989)

Montage of late-1980s Atlanta to advertise the paper that “Covers Dixie like the dew”.

“An Innocent Man” TV Spot (circa 1989)

TV advertising spot for Tom Selleck in Peter Yates’s “An Innocent Man”, a drama about corruption, justice, and a fantastic moustache!