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The experience of watching a long-play VHS tape was indeed a visceral one. The timing of the jingles and the order of the programs in addition to the placement of the all-too-frequent lapses in reception were, indeed, akin to a music suite. That’s why I’ve been working on this VHS Time Capsule–to bring back a piece of that experience for the future generations to understand and enjoy. Or, at the very least, for this generation to reminisce over!

Last week, I rewatched an episode of Reading Rainbow that I have long cherished. As the episode begins, LeVar Burton, the show’s host, appears alone on a smog-filled dock on Charleston Harbor.

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Miss Cleo dead at 53

Y’all…Miss Cleo died. I wonder if the cards told her it was coming.

Miss Cleo dead at 53

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Japan’s Last VHS Video Tape Recorder Maker Ends Production This Month

Truly the end of an era.

Funai sold 750,000 VHS units last year

Source: Japan’s Last VHS Video Tape Recorder Maker Ends Production This Month – News – Anime News Network

AT&T: “We clearly have competitive prices” (circa 1988)

Remember when you had to pay for long-distance telephone service?

One of AT&T’s “The Right Choice” series of advertisements from the mid-late 1980s. This one features then-director of market management Nina Aversano explaining why AT&T is the best market choice for long-distance telephone service in the deregulation era.

As The World Turns closing credit sequence (circa 1988)

1988 closing credits from “As The World Turns” including the advertisement that put the “soap” in “soap opera”, Dan Region’s invitation for the next episode, and the Procter & Gamble Productions ident. I don’t know about you, but that theme song really sticks out in my memory. My mom watched ATWT religiously (hence the VHS recording), so this sequence conjures a weird nostalgia for me. A nostalgia for simpler times, console televisions, and syndicated cartoons.

The Arsenio Hall Show clip (circa 1991)

Clip of the ending segments of the OG Arsenio Hall Show showing the “funky dancing paiges”, Continental Airlines credit, and signoff: “I’ll see you in 23 hours….”

Man, I miss that show!

Wanted ’99: Anime Through The Year 2000

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Remember once upon a time, back before Netflix and Crunchyroll, before Facebook and Wikipedia, back when there were few ways to find out about anime beyond obscure internet fora or trawling your local video store?

When I was a kid, it was a difficult–and expensive–proposition to find new anime. In west Cobb county, we didn’t have access to a hearty VHS sharing community, and the nearest Japanese shops were 30+ miles away in Gwinnett County. We did, however, have Hollywood Video on Dallas Highway and Suncoast Motion Picture Company at Town Center Mall!

Hollywood Video did manage to have a decent selection of anime for a video store in suburban Georgia in the 1990s–Macross, Fist of the North Star, and Ranma 1/2 to name but a few. Mostly older titles at the time, but it was a great introduction to the classics. Suncoast, being a retail store, stocked the latest titles being released by Bandai and Pioneer–they just happened to cost around $25 per VHS tape (a veritable fortune, considering only 2 episodes per tape). A series might cost someone upwards of $150, and you have no way to preview it!

To help sell these outrageously priced VHS tapes, Suncoast occasionally published a catalogue of upcoming titles to generate buzz. I grabbed one of these one afternoon while I was at the mall and, for some reason, held onto it these last 17 years or so. Obviously, I’ve seen a few of these titles in the intervening years, but I thought it fun to use it as a springboard to get back into anime as I haven’t really paid much attention to it since giant robots faded into obscurity. Keep an eye on this space; I’ll review each of these titles as I watch them and maybe get a little insight and reminisce about a bygone era in animation.