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Unmasking France’s Violent Wine Extremists

OK, y’all, I’ve got this: How about “vintnerrorism”? “Bitter Grapes” NOOOOO….I’ve got it!

“The Grapes of Wrath”

Sure, we associate wine with elegance. But there’s a conflict roiling beneath the surface, and a group of French winemakers are resorting to violence.

Source: Unmasking France’s Violent Wine Extremists | VinePair

Gluhwein Recipe

One of the fine folks at the first ever Airborne Surfer Tweet-up in Kansas City last year gave me his recipe for a delicious cold-weather libation. Gluhwein is a German-style mulled wine made with a moderately-dry red wine (hence the Merlot). Try it at this year’s holiday gathering!

3/4 sugar

3/4 water
Cinnamon stick
Boil together then simmer
Cut an orange in half. Squeeze halves of orange into sugar water.
Place 5-6 whole cloves into the pulp of the squeezed orange. Place pulp side down in simmering sugar water for 30 minutes.
750ml bottle of Merlot and add to sugar water. Mix and heat up to almost boiling.