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xkcd: Unicode

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xkcd: Horses

This is actually a pretty interesting proposal. It would, at least, make it easier to compare and contrast different models. Right?

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xkcd: Planespotting

I’m sure this is what I sound like to my friends when I look up to the roar of turbofans or thundering rotors overhead.

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xkcd: Captain Speaking

Source: xkcd: Captain Speaking

xkcd: Baby

To my parentally-inclined friends: it’s not that I don’t find your baby adorable and amazing and all that, but I simply don’t know how best to express those sentiments. Also, I tend to picture myself as Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction relating the “watch story” to a young Butch Coolidge.

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xkcd: Kitchen Tips

Source: xkcd: Kitchen Tips

xkcd: Every Seven Seconds

Source: xkcd: Every Seven Seconds