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xkcd: Captain Speaking

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xkcd: Baby

To my parentally-inclined friends: it’s not that I don’t find your baby adorable and amazing and all that, but I simply don’t know how best to express those sentiments. Also, I tend to picture myself as Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction relating the “watch story” to a young Butch Coolidge.

Source: xkcd: Baby

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The XKCD Guide to the Universe’s Most Bizarre Physics

Randall Munroe tackles theoretical physics in a surprisingly readable context.

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XKCD’s Epic, Day-long Rosetta Mission Flipbook

XKCD celebrated the Rosetta comet mission in style, with a 142-frame flipbook that updated in realtime as the Philae lander made contact with 67P.

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xkcd: Profile Info

The very best idea I’ve seen in quite a while!

Where Are You? (Courtesy xkcd)

More xkcd.

A Final Note on Closure (Courtesy xkcd)

This is simply a set of xkcd strips that I’ve collected mostly over the course of this past summer. Randall Munroe had an uncanny ability to capture much of what I was experiencing at that time.

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You Crashed My Helicopter!

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