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YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

New YouTube Channel: TheAirborneSurfer

Alas, I lost a few things when the “Big G” when on their idiotic crusade to incorporate Google Plus into every aspect of my online existence. One of the casualties was my YouTube channel that I started back during the Dark Times as a method of coping with everything that was happening. So, as part of my online renaissance, I am rejoining the ranks of the Tubers with a brand-new page! Check out the trailer below, and subscribe!

Back in the studio. New YouTube stuff coming soon!

Back in the studio. New YouTube stuff coming soon!20141011_160056

Skeletor Insults YouTube

What idiot started this whole thing, anyway?

Update 2013-3-22

I made a new YouTube video! I haven’t done one in 5 months!

(video missing)

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See you in 5 months…. (God, I hope not!)

What About Me: An Infographic (November 2012)


What About Me: An Infographic (October 2012)

What About Me: An Infographic (September 2012)

Starting to collect some interesting data from these infographics generated by Intel, here is number 4 in the series:

“Power Surge” (Preliminary)

Well, I was going to post a teaser for a new video project I’m working on, but YouTube doesn’t like the music I used, so I’m left without anything interesting to show for my next ambitious endeavour.  If you’ve been to Disney’s ElecTRONica dance party either at California Adventure or Hollywood Studios, you might be familiar with the Power Surge stage show before the official opening of the party.  I’m at present working on recreating a version of the show to enjoy at home.  More details as they come, but for now, please enjoy my other offerings at my YouTube channel!

What About Me: An Infographic (August 2012)

Here is the third installment in what is, definitively, a series. I’ll do these as long as the website is available, then start extrapolating some information after I have at least a year’s worth (or as many as I can manage).