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YouTube Red Deal Forces ESPN To Pull Its Videos From YouTube

I wasn’t too big a fan of this whole “YouTube Red” idea to begin with. Point one: I like a lot of YouTube shows, but I don’t like them so much that I’m willing to pay for a subscription to watch them. I’d rather endure a short ad in exchange for infrequent access to the same videos. Point two: If I make a video that I would like to monetize, I now can’t do that unless I put it behind a paywall (which will never happen).

Obviously, YouTube is making a play toward its biggest content creators, doubling down on popular “partners” like PewDePie at the expense of smaller creators who use the platform to build their followings and earn a few dollars on the side. They used to be “the Great Equaliser”–democratising video content on the web from the ground up–but lately YouTube is beginning to look like any other cable monster.

The fallout from YouTube Red, its forthcoming ad-free subscription service, is already underway. Today, the majority of ESPN’s video content has been pulled off of YouTube in the US, as the sports network currently can’t participate in the YouTube Red service due to rights issues surrounding its content.

Source: YouTube Red Deal Forces ESPN To Pull Its Videos From YouTube | TechCrunch

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Content Creator Licenses Video To Sony, Sony Then Files Copyright Claim Against Rights Holder

More evidence on just how broken US Copyright and YouTube’s DMCA policies are.

For the past few years, people have been contending with more and more false copyright claims and ID matches on services such as YouTube.

Source: Sony Filed a Copyright Claim Against the Stock Video I Licensed to Them

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Google+ and YouTube are finally splitting up

Ding, dong, the Witch is (almost) dead!


Source: Google+ and YouTube are finally splitting up

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Why Does Nintendo Want This Superfan’s YouTube Money? | WIRED

The issue, he says, is fair use rarely applies “when you copy the whole thing.” But the videos undoubtedly offer commentary and transformative purpose—which is the first factor in copyright analysis and fair use. “Are we doing something new? Are we taking the viewer of the Let’s Play video somewhere they wouldn’t have been if they were just playing the game? Probably, the answer is yes.”

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YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014

New YouTube Channel: TheAirborneSurfer

Alas, I lost a few things when the “Big G” when on their idiotic crusade to incorporate Google Plus into every aspect of my online existence. One of the casualties was my YouTube channel that I started back during the Dark Times as a method of coping with everything that was happening. So, as part of my online renaissance, I am rejoining the ranks of the Tubers with a brand-new page! Check out the trailer below, and subscribe!

Back in the studio. New YouTube stuff coming soon!

Back in the studio. New YouTube stuff coming soon!20141011_160056