The Web’s Not Dead Yet, As Long As These Indies Abide

Great article at WIRED about apps being developed under the banner of the Indieweb. Like I’ve written before, I eventually see three understood layers to the web: a “surface web” dominated by Facebook’s and Google’s familiar apps much like the old walled gardens of AOL, Compuserve, and MSN. Beyond that, the Indieweb where sites like this one provide a central point for those of us more concerned with privacy and or intellectual property rights–the natural progression of Angelfire and Geocities sites that once made up most of the interesting things on the web. Underneath all that (and only available with the proper tools), the “shadow web” or Darknet, where the web resembles something closer to what it was in the early days–obscure and isolated, where traffic only comes through word-of-mouth–for better or worse.

In some corners of the web, a version of that vibe survives. The “indie web” is a loose concept more or less centered on the idea that the internet should mean flatter, less centralized, more inclusive forms of participation, not new hierarchies. And like many other truly independent endeavors, the indie web isn’t awash in money compared to startups riding the latest wave of venture capital froth.

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