10Q #1

Describe a significant experience that hasĀ  happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

This year, I experienced my first “decent” earthquake. A 5.1 in Brea made me realise that (1) yes, earthquakes happen, (2) big earthquakes happen, and (3) I am not at all prepared for any sort of major emergency. The evening started off insignificant, then a small jolt that I showed no concern over served as the prelude to a fairly significant shake about an hour later. Pictures fell over, but there was no major damage. Aftershocks continued to roll throughout the weekend, giving reason to pause and evaluate before going on with my business.

I’ve since learned, as the rest of California has, that the threat of a major quake is very real. A 5.1 is not considered “large”, but the relative depth and local geology of the fault made the scene much worse than a similar quake along a different fault. Reading the event as a call to action, I spent the weekend “quake-proofing” the house, securing furniture, and beginning to assemble emergency supplies and plans should a stronger shake come along.

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