“Walls Cry” Kazakhstan’s Decaying Soviet-Era Space Murals

Wall – a surface that is always in sight. A man uses it to cave times – for transmission of information and expression: a declaration of love, hatred. Under Khrushchev, and carried them to the mass construction, the walls of houses have become one of the tools of propaganda. Images on Soviet buildings were made in different techniques: from two-color coarse mosaics to complex multi-color paintings and bas-reliefs volume. Paintings praised labor achievements, science, education and peace in the world. By creating large-scale works of professional artists involved, and themselves facades were made of colored plaster, mosaic – from pieces of glazes, glass, ceramics. Many of these paintings were lost, along with the buildings in which they are located. Some continue to deteriorate. But a large number of frescoes and to this day can be seen in excellent condition. They are the ghosts of a bygone era, reminiscent of a non-existent country, part of which once were.

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