22 Signs You’re Stuck Between Gen X And Millennials

The years are off. I’d really say that our “lost generation” includes up to 1984. I remember there being a significant cultural gap between juniors/seniors in 2000-01 and the underclassmen. Some of us did have email addresses in middle school and high school, but only because we were resourceful enough to know how to scam free AOL. I also feel like 1975 is too early for this segment, and that 1978 or 1979 would be a more accurate lower bound. Also, there is a definite gap between Pre- and Post-“All That” Nickelodeon. I remember watching those odd Canadian Film Board cartoons, Thames Production imports, and other Nick staples up until the mid-1990’s when they were replaced by original productions starting with Nicktoons (Doug, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, et al) and culminating with the cancellation of the original Snick lineup. I should probably write a book.

You’re not Gen X, but you’re not Gen Y either. Here’s what it’s like being caught in between two generations.

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