All Hell Breaks Loose On Ted Cruz’s FB Page As Conservatives Go On The Attack

While I’m not a fan of the partisan tone of the publication, it’s great to note when we can come together in solidarity against a blithering idiot. While I know that the responses featured are cherry-picked, it gives me great hope to know that there are some decent, right-thinking people out there that don’t blindly follow the “party line”.

I know that we on the left are used to lashing out at the Tea Party and Ted Cruzes in our country, but when even his own team is calling him out, it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for this nation.

(via Liberals Unite)

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3 thoughts on “All Hell Breaks Loose On Ted Cruz’s FB Page As Conservatives Go On The Attack”

  1. It’s driving me crazy Herman Cain and Shawn Humanity are both screwing this up…it make me want to call so bad. I cant remember Eric Ericson commenting on net neutrality but I really don’t think he would screw this one up, he’s more computer literate.

    1. Instead of coming together for the greater good, conservative pundits are just throwing out their knee-jerk opposition ONLY because Obama supports it, and GOD FORBID that they might ACTUALLY AGREE with something the OTHER SIDE says.

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