New Dynamic Speed Limit Signs On Atlanta Perimeter

I’ve been harping about a speed limit system like this ever since I saw it in action on the New Jersey Turnpike, and I’ll be curious to give it a try in a few weeks. Now, if only Cal-Trans can get with the program and install something similar on the 91 freeway!

17 thoughts on “New Dynamic Speed Limit Signs On Atlanta Perimeter”

  1. They shouldn’t work, really, because it’s common sense…if traffic is only going 40, you can only go 40, but for whatever reason (driver stupidity, mostly), it actually makes a difference. It stops those assholes who believe that they have a god-given right to go 55 just because that’s what the speed limit sign says.

  2. Interstate highways are for facilitating interstate commerce. Limiting the speed is limiting commerce. Limiting commerce is tantamount to communism. Communism is treason. Speed limits on the interstate is treason, where is the guillotine?

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