Director Lexi Alexander Explains Why She Supports “Piracy”

I heartily agree with what she is saying here, that piracy is simply a symptom of much larger problems plaguing Hollywood. In my opinion, it stems from lackluster quality and iron-fisted control over methods of distribution.

Even if I would agree with this ludicrous idea that everything to do with file-sharing or downloading is theft and should be punished with prison…then I’d still insist that everybody in Hollywood who has ever stolen anything or cheated anybody needs to go to prison first. If we could somehow make that rule happen with magical fairy dust…you’d never hear another beep about imprisoning file-sharers.

For me, much of the problem with “purchasing” media comes from the fact that I am not allowed, because of draconian DRM strategies, to watch media that I have purchased on whichever device I prefer using whatever technology I prefer. In addition, having to sit through a veritable eternity of pre-reel adverts and indents is beyond cruel and unusual. If I were to pirate the same media, I could bypass all region locking, all device locking, drop the feature into a menu that I can easily browse and select from on the fly, and “second-screen” to my heart’s content using an open plugin system–and that is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg.

To address the second point, most of the insipid trash coming from Hollywood as of late (Transformers, TMNT, Dumb and Dumber To, and any number of half-hearted sequels) isn’t even worth my time or money. I do my best to support musical artists that either haven’t “made it” yet or have eschewed the old system by either creating their own label. The Internet is doing wonderful things to democratize art, and to allow creators to interact intimately with their fans; it’s only a matter of time before the Hollywood “old guard” falls like so many monopolistic giants before it.

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