Hacker’s Tweet Reignites Ugly Battle Over Security Holes | WIRED

The Feds were waiting when Roberts landed in Syracuse. As passengers stood in the aisle to deplane, a flight attendant instructed everyone to take their seats. Two Syracuse police officers and two FBI agents boarded the plane. Before they even looked at him, Roberts knew they were after him. “Shall I get my luggage?,” he asked. He spent the next four hours in an airport conference room on the business end of an interrogation. Before he left, agents seized his company-issued laptop, backup disks and other electronics without a warrant. When Roberts attempted to board another United flight to San Francisco days later, he was barred by the airline and had to book a flight with Southwest. Roberts has since retained a lawyer from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who is interested to know under what authority the FBI seized his electronics. U.S. border agents can seize electronics at entry points as someone comes into the country, but seizing them without a warrant from someone taking a wholly domestic flight is a different matter.

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