Object-Oriented Faith: [Time Relevant] Selection Bias and SCOTUS rulings

This article really needs no introductions except to say that this is a brilliant and inspired dissection of the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage from the perspective of a devout Christian.

I may not be one to profess my faith much publicly, and I will often admonish folks who tend to beat others into submission through their religion, but this young man puts it right to the heart. I respect his ideas and his arguments, and if he were the preacher, I might attend church more.

So for this ruling, I don’t see anything as different, and as a citizen, I respect it as the legal state. As a Christian, I disagree with it, I think it’s harmful to the participants, but I don’t think it should be illegal. Like with alcohol, prohibition kept honest people honest, but those who would disobey the law only went further out from the law, causing more harm, breaking more laws, giving rise to other issues, all for us to realize that the battle is not won with a legal ruling in a court, but by God softening our hearts, and us being lights in the darkness, helping, feeding, lifting, and loving our neighbors, regardless how far they’ve strayed. We also strayed, so we know how difficult it is to come back, and we know how great it feels to finally be home in God.

Source: Object-Oriented Faith: [Time Relevant] Selection Bias and SCOTUS rulings

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