Pass, Fail

Crotchety professor denigrates the modern university institution with an insider’s precision. I saw this happening during my academic career–how I noticed as I went along that the classes tended to be just a rehash of high school with very few challenging subjects. The most obvious offender was Middle Georgia College, who maintained a massive, stonewalling bureaucracy while systematically shutting down funding to the humanities. Even in the aviation school, the faculty seemed to be just biding their time until the golden ticket arrived. The only academic leaders that actually cared about the program were summarily dismissed after only a few semesters (mostly spent trying to overhaul the program and improve its scholastic merits instead of being a perpetual “pilot mill”) while everyone else seemed content to go through the motions that they were comfortable with, passing pupils with only a minimum of understanding, and railroading anyone who challenged the status quo.

An inside look at the retail scam known as the modern university

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