Summer of 100 Photos, Day 16: Someone who inspires you


This is my uncle Tracey–TJ as the cool kids call him–and it’s probably not the best photo, but it’s the only recent “solo” photo I could find. Anyway, this mofo was a crew chief on the F-15 when he was in the Air Force, ensuring air superiority during the waning years of the Cold War and into the early years of the Brave New World. He fought with obesity during most of his middle-adulthood, but he was a jovial sort, and one of the few people in my family that I felt understood me (even though he often used that for nefarious pranksmanship and roasting). As you see, he has shed all the excesses of his 30s thanks to a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Besides a championship-level beard groomer (that’s actually a thing), he’s the first Morris to graduate college, a mathematics teacher, an old-school tabletop gamer, a biker (who actually built his own chopper), and a barefoot runner. Yes, the man competes in marathons and triathlons. Barefoot.

Oh, yeah, he also just wrote a book. You should read it.

12 thoughts on “Summer of 100 Photos, Day 16: Someone who inspires you”

  1. Did you finish my book? Your insights were awesome. I’m 30k words into book 2. Still awaiting the publisher! Love you Matthew Eargle. Let’s go driving soon. Hopefully we’ll miss the trees! 😉

  2. Love you Unca Teej! I’m over halfway through (I should finish on my flight back from Toronto tomorrow), so I’ll let you know as soon as I do! It’s a page-turner!
    Yes, let’s avoid the trees, and possibly any utterances of the word “buttermilk” while we’re at it! 😂

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