30 Day Song Challenge, Day 19: A song that makes you think about life

Besides every song ever? Probably this one:

What can I say about Tom Scholz’s breakout hit that isn’t covered in a new documentary on PBS? This 70s power ballad has always held a spot in the back of my mind that helped be get through both good times and bad. This was the first song I memorized on Guitar Hero and often used it to “shark” other players during the early days of the game’s rise to prominence. I used to tease the ex by substituting her name for “Mary Ann” in that haunting line “I see my Mary Ann walking away” before breaking into that face-melting solo.

I think, for me, the song really is about life in general, and the ups and downs we experience–love gained and lost, new careers and old, moving–the song plays like a memoir of a man looking back on his life so far, but the major chord structure lets us know that it’s all going to turn out okay. Ever the optimist, this is a song that reinforces that worldview for me.

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