How To Install Advanced Launcher Add-On For Kodi (XBMC)

UPDATE: 2016-01-05 Advanced Launcher has been discontinued by its author and all links to its repository have been deleted. I am investigating alternatives and will post again once I have an answer. Until then, please check the comments section for further information. Advanced Launcher is an add-on for Kodi that is used to launch external … Continue reading How To Install Advanced Launcher Add-On For Kodi (XBMC)

VCR Project XBMC Demo With LCD Function

Troubleshooting XBMC Sound

Need help troubleshooting XBMC sound? Try these helpful hints!

  • If external applications launched via Advanced Launcher have no sound, try disabling skin sounds in XBMC. Sometimes there may be a conflict with the device being locked to XBMC (this is especially true in some derivatives of Ubuntu such as Lubuntu) and simply disabling the sounds should solve it. Adjusting the timeout settings in Advanced Launcher may also help, but it is more complicated.
  • Having problems with audio in XBMC? Check the device settings and verify the correct output device is selected. Settings>System>Audio Output

How To Add a Shuffle Function in Kodi (XBMC)

Kodi provides powerful metadata-driven sorting for your video collection, separating TV shows into individual seasons and films into particular franchises, but what if you want a more “traditional” television experience? An experience of sitting back and passively letting some omniscient programming director select your next viewing course? Sometimes, we just don’t want to deal with … Continue reading How To Add a Shuffle Function in Kodi (XBMC)

The Best XBMC Skin: Aeon MQ 5

The Aeon series of skins for XBMC are probably the best-looking skins available from the stock repository, and they are certainly the most customisable. The most comprehensively customisable of the series is MQ 5, compatible up to v13.2 (Gotham). It’s got a slick interface with nearly every possible screen customisable to some point. Even the … Continue reading The Best XBMC Skin: Aeon MQ 5

VCR Project Workflow: Windows

Install OEM Windows 7 software Install 3rd-party drivers Setup TeamViewer Setup FTP server Check Windows Firewall Settings Install Microsoft .Net framework Install Firefox Configure Firefox (Adblock) Install XBMC Setup remote control Install Google Music Manager Install Deluge Configure XBMC Add-ons Install and configure LCD drivers Program LCD drivers for XBMC events Add Netflix and Hulu … Continue reading VCR Project Workflow: Windows

VCR Project Workflow: Linux

Install Ubuntu Install 3rd-party drivers Verify HDMI audio out Setup SSH server Setup FTP server Setup network file sharing Install TeamViewer Setup remote control Setup external LCD Setup streaming services via Google Chrome Install XBMC Enable automatic login Autorun XBMC Setup RetroArch Setup wired joystick/gamepad Install Google Music Manager Configure XBMC add-ons

How To Build a Digital Photo Frame From a Raspberry Pi (Preliminary/Scope of Work)

I’ve had a first-generation Raspberry Pi B+ sitting around the house for quite a while now, and I’ve been wanting to build a few projects with it, but I simply haven’t settled on anything interesting until now. One project that I’ve had mulling around in my head for a while has been an internet-connected digital … Continue reading How To Build a Digital Photo Frame From a Raspberry Pi (Preliminary/Scope of Work)

How To Toggle PC Power With A Remote Control In Windows 7 Using Wake On USB

The initial feature set of the VCR relies on a Microsoft-branded remote control to send signals to Windows and control XBMC/Kodi. Eventghost has been able to parse all these signals into useful commands, including one to put the system to sleep (effectively powering off). Unfortunately, this still required physically pressing the “power” button on the … Continue reading How To Toggle PC Power With A Remote Control In Windows 7 Using Wake On USB