Apple Shit I Don’t Use


Take note, Cupertino: Stop bundling horrible, unnecessary apps with MacOS. All this bloatware is making you look worse than a Verizon-branded Samsung phone!

4 thoughts on “Apple Shit I Don’t Use”

  1. Most of the time, I can see your point, but in this case, I disagree. If going off the photo above, I would say iBooks and photo booth are the only things I don’t use. But the size of those apps on a computer don’t bloat the system.

  2. Any unnecessary software automatically bundled without the option to be removed, no matter how small, is bloatware. The principle here is that Apple’s attitude is one of arrogance disguised as innovation. These apps serve no critical purpose within the OS, yet they cannot be removed under pain of breaking the OS? There are FAR better alternatives to these apps on the market and it shows just how little faith the Fruit Stand has in its own development if they are terrified that someone might want to use something else. If Apple wants to continue to gain market share instead of falling into irrelevance (again), they need to pay respect to the memory of Mr. Jobs by focusing on making better products that stand on their own merits instead of strong-arming users into their walled garden. Apple computers are (were) brilliant because you had a superior user interface that sat on top of an unprecedentedly stable operating system that JUST WORKED. MacOS was always “UNIX for the common user” combined with an immaculate build quality that maximized the potential of the hardware (particularly in the graphics-intensive production arena).
    Under Tim Cook, Apple has lost sight of real innovation, preferring instead to cut corners on build quality (notably by using last-generation processors), focus on gimmicks such as their nonsensical omission of ports, and double-down on proprietary software (such as this bloatware problem) and hardware (dongles solve everything, right?).
    As a final note, just because YOU use a particular application in your workflow doesn’t mean that EVERYONE does or should. Apple should give users a meaningful choice. I don’t mind if they want to bundle these apps with the OS, especially since many people do use them; but to claim that they’re critical to the function of the OS is not only absurd, it’s unjust, immoral, and reeks of 1990s Microsoft.

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