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Pevono PS305 Review, Teardown, and Bench Test

The Pevono PS305 review unit that I was shipped proves to be a well-built and affordable DC bench power supply. From its aluminum construction to its display accuracy, the Pevono PS305 is a great bargain lab power supply! In this video, we’ll teardown the Pevono PS305 power supply and see how it’s constructed as well as bench test it against is published specifications.

PS305 on Amazon:

PS305H (4-digit display):

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00:00:00,439 –> 00:00:05,490
Pevono PS305 DC power supply is it
worth it

00:00:05,490 –> 00:00:15,590
let’s find out greetings programs Atari
here you there and this is a Pavano PS

00:00:15,590 –> 00:00:21,720
305 DC bench power supply now the folks
over Pavano they asked me would I be

00:00:21,720 –> 00:00:25,109
willing to do a review of their product
so they sent me one of these is a

00:00:25,109 –> 00:00:30,269
demonstration unit that they sent me so
you know so far out of the box it looks

00:00:30,269 –> 00:00:35,309
pretty decent a pretty decent build
quality it’s got these nice 7-segment

00:00:35,309 –> 00:00:39,540
display on the front and of course
they’re either LED lit so it’s got a

00:00:39,540 –> 00:00:44,789
nice look to it got your your voltage
and current adjustment to your course

00:00:44,789 –> 00:00:50,489
and it looks fine on this side and then
we’ve got your positive negative and a

00:00:50,489 –> 00:00:55,140
chassis crowd so let’s take her apart
and then let’s do it as a bench test and

00:00:55,140 –> 00:00:59,699
let’s see what we get so first things
first you have our ceremonial unboxing

00:00:59,699 –> 00:01:04,260
here the first thing we see is a pair of
leads here the banana clips and

00:01:04,260 –> 00:01:11,490
alligator clips we’ve got our our core
instruction manual but who’s really

00:01:11,490 –> 00:01:17,369
gonna read that and then of course the
main event here is my main unit packed

00:01:17,369 –> 00:01:21,650
very nicely and some styrene

00:01:21,990 –> 00:01:25,590
it’s best ik

00:01:27,980 –> 00:01:34,110
right there okay so we have our unit
here we have they’re nice and sturdy

00:01:34,110 –> 00:01:39,080
aluminum construction just go ahead and

00:01:51,230 –> 00:01:59,220
so start here back we’ve got our power
supply input and it is fused there is a

00:01:59,220 –> 00:02:05,130
fuse inside there a nice little switch
between 110 220 uses this

00:02:05,130 –> 00:02:11,850
internationally big beefy fan here on
the back our heatsink you know come in

00:02:11,850 –> 00:02:18,360
from the power supply back here now the
first thing I notice is that these these

00:02:18,360 –> 00:02:25,680
terminals are not insulated that to me
poses a problem just a safety issue I

00:02:25,680 –> 00:02:30,780
mean they’re in there nicely but just
don’t like seeing one insulated

00:02:30,780 –> 00:02:36,690
terminals on AC input got that and then
there is our chassis ground lead this is

00:02:36,690 –> 00:02:45,690
a hard switch directly over here to the
toggle switch on the front again not not

00:02:45,690 –> 00:02:49,980
insulated you can see how closely
together those those two toggles comes

00:02:49,980 –> 00:02:55,470
just any little bit of horse on there
that later on there and those two are

00:02:55,470 –> 00:02:58,650
going to bridge and we’re gonna have
four well I think what I’m going to do

00:02:58,650 –> 00:03:03,000
is put a little heat shrink on there and
just insulate these a little bit better

00:03:03,000 –> 00:03:09,690
and maybe I’ll do that in a future video
anyway so we’re coming back here here is

00:03:09,690 –> 00:03:16,620
the AC side verbal rectified beeping
capacitors up here too

00:03:16,620 –> 00:03:25,980
I’m all set transistors trigger on these
nice big heat sinks here so good

00:03:25,980 –> 00:03:33,330
looks like we have good heat dissipation
we got it’s actually a very clean board

00:03:33,330 –> 00:03:40,739
very nice it doesn’t look like it’s just
slapped – put together here we have the

00:03:40,739 –> 00:03:47,600
flat board you can see there we’ve got
our the driver for our LED displays a

00:03:47,600 –> 00:03:56,250
couple of pop trimmers for the accuracy
there on the display let’s see there’s

00:03:56,250 –> 00:04:00,510
our terminals there some good that
everything looks pretty good there it

00:04:00,510 –> 00:04:05,910
looks like this is some sort of noise
reduction got a couple of noise

00:04:05,910 –> 00:04:10,799
filtering capacitors here looks like
there’s actually a couple of spots for a

00:04:10,799 –> 00:04:16,200
couple more passengers but we’ll see
we’ll see what the noise is on these and

00:04:16,200 –> 00:04:21,870
maybe we’ll maybe we’ll play with that
another day having a look at the back of

00:04:21,870 –> 00:04:28,229
the board here and you can see where
this is the AC section and of course the

00:04:28,229 –> 00:04:32,070
rest of the DC section personally I
would like to see a little better

00:04:32,070 –> 00:04:36,180
separation here that’s I mean there’s a
good bit of you know there’s a good you

00:04:36,180 –> 00:04:41,000
know almost a fingers worth of
separation between the AC and DC sides

00:04:41,000 –> 00:04:47,250
but me just being the perfectionist I am
I would rather see some physical

00:04:47,250 –> 00:04:52,590
separation maybe a cut out just just to
give you a nice air gap little bit more

00:04:52,590 –> 00:04:58,370
safety over there separation there but
but this is not bad this is actually

00:04:58,370 –> 00:05:03,960
rather rather good build quality I’m
highly impressed with the quality of

00:05:03,960 –> 00:05:09,720
this build and so so far so good
looks like we’re gonna have a pretty

00:05:09,720 –> 00:05:13,560
decent little product here now she looks
pretty good on the inside

00:05:13,560 –> 00:05:17,760
couple of little things here and there
not anything that’s a deal-breaker and

00:05:17,760 –> 00:05:22,080
nothing I can’t fix myself which I’ll
probably do another video so go ahead

00:05:22,080 –> 00:05:27,390
and hit the subscribe button so you’ll
be notified when that comes out so now I

00:05:27,390 –> 00:05:30,270
guess what we really need to do is test

00:05:30,270 –> 00:05:36,510
against the specifications but I don’t
really have a proper bench testing setup

00:05:36,510 –> 00:05:41,550
right here but I do know a guy so we’re
gonna pack this stuff up we’re gonna run

00:05:41,550 –> 00:05:48,810
down the street and we’re gonna give her
a proper rundown

00:05:51,430 –> 00:05:55,820
okay so I’m here with our clients 23b
hackerspace here in Fullerton California

00:05:55,820 –> 00:06:03,580
I asked him if I could use the the
workbench here to to do a little more

00:06:03,580 –> 00:06:09,620
accurate measurements of this thing
little literal bench test if you will so

00:06:09,620 –> 00:06:14,240
Arclight show me what you got here yeah
so this is our double Yi electronics

00:06:14,240 –> 00:06:18,440
bench here we have a bench top DMM here
that goes to four digits it’s called the

00:06:18,440 –> 00:06:26,630
math tech 80 40 we have a rival ds-11 Oh
200 megahertz scope will give you sample

00:06:26,630 –> 00:06:30,140
should be pretty adequate for testing
you know power supplies things like that

00:06:30,140 –> 00:06:35,690
and of course we have absolutely an we
have already standard tests so we’re

00:06:35,690 –> 00:06:41,570
gonna measure some current we want to
see what kind of rip will get me any of

00:06:41,570 –> 00:06:46,010
that stuff voltage accuracy no problem
fantastic all right let’s get down to

00:06:46,010 –> 00:06:48,290
let’s do it the frequency to which you

00:06:48,290 –> 00:06:51,170
are to the present time is the one on
which you will normally receive civil

00:06:51,170 –> 00:06:54,740
defense information in the event of an
actual emergency okay so our Clyde has

00:06:54,740 –> 00:06:59,120
very graciously allowed me to use the
electronic shop here at 23 beta to check

00:06:59,120 –> 00:07:02,960
this thing out on the oscilloscope so
let’s hook it up and then and find out

00:07:02,960 –> 00:07:13,840
what’s going on here we’re going to look
up our leads here course light black and

00:07:13,840 –> 00:07:21,120

00:07:23,189 –> 00:07:27,149
okay we got our scope all set up and
we’ve got the power supply here it’s

00:07:27,149 –> 00:07:34,860
it’s pretty sad already to do 12 volts
so let’s see what it’s got see here a

00:07:34,860 –> 00:07:39,419
bit of a ripple going on with the
switching power supply a little bit of

00:07:39,419 –> 00:07:43,139
noise on the line there okay so now
let’s try this under load I’ve got it

00:07:43,139 –> 00:07:50,339
hooked up with a 10 watt 10 watt
resistor here 24 ohm let’s see see what

00:07:50,339 –> 00:07:55,050
we do with the 12 volts here we’re
running about 12 volts a half an amp

00:07:55,050 –> 00:08:03,119
here and it’s still got quite a bit of
noise in there even under load one other

00:08:03,119 –> 00:08:08,189
thing we really need to look at is the
voltage spike when it comes on it seems

00:08:08,189 –> 00:08:13,889
to be kind of seems to be a bit of a
spike when you turn it first on and that

00:08:13,889 –> 00:08:17,369
can be a problem with sensitive
electronics things like that so let’s

00:08:17,369 –> 00:08:25,739
take a look here and and see if there’s
any bad spike when it happens okay there

00:08:25,739 –> 00:08:31,800
we’ve got a nice little spike 20 volt
spike right there or it love this back

00:08:31,800 –> 00:08:35,579
off so this could be a problem if you
have sensitive electronics or anything

00:08:35,579 –> 00:08:40,370
like that so just something to be wary
of so don’t have your load connected

00:08:40,370 –> 00:08:46,050
before you turn it on turn it on and
then connect your load well here at the

00:08:46,050 –> 00:08:53,699
shop I might as well check the accuracy
with a much more accurate multimeter

00:08:53,699 –> 00:08:59,939
than what I’ve got at home this is a
mass Tek ms 84 T true RMS multimeter

00:08:59,939 –> 00:09:05,939
so it’s accurate to like 4 decimal
places something like that so we’re

00:09:05,939 –> 00:09:13,439
gonna check it out with this and so
let’s just go ahead and turn her on back

00:09:13,439 –> 00:09:20,130
down to stick it down to start it out
about 12 volts okay so we got 12 volts

00:09:20,130 –> 00:09:39,540
there and we’ll just check
voltage here still quite 0 and 0.0 0.0 4

00:09:39,540 –> 00:09:50,750
9 so fairly accurate – terribly bad ok
let’s take her up to the top end here

00:09:50,750 –> 00:10:06,900
toast about 24 volts that’s fairly
common 24 volts a 4.04 volts excellent

00:10:06,900 –> 00:10:14,250
so still fairly accurate here take her
all the way up to the top to the tippy

00:10:14,250 –> 00:10:24,590
tippy top fans kicking in a little bit
31.9 volts on the screen there 3196 so

00:10:24,590 –> 00:10:30,410
even still accurate up at the top
extreme now let’s take her down to the

00:10:30,410 –> 00:10:36,870
you’re gonna have the low end
let’s do about 3.3 volts actually let’s

00:10:36,870 –> 00:10:42,540
get 5 volts and make sure our five bolts
good working on electronics I’m usually

00:10:42,540 –> 00:10:51,120
working with 5 and 3.3 volt
you know logic and so forth so five zero

00:10:51,120 –> 00:10:59,250
two nine five zero three right there on
a 5.0 display let’s take it down to

00:10:59,250 –> 00:11:04,040
three point three three point three

00:11:05,470 –> 00:11:14,060
one three one seven on the RMS and then
she’s taking it all the way down to zero

00:11:14,060 –> 00:11:19,009
because the cool thing about this is
that actually does it will read zero or

00:11:19,009 –> 00:11:35,480
three and rolling down yeah it’s it’s
right at you know right around zero so a

00:11:35,480 –> 00:11:41,949
little linear is this there we go yeah
so we’re right down at zero now so

00:11:41,949 –> 00:11:46,249
fairly accurate across the entire
spectrum which is something you

00:11:46,249 –> 00:11:58,009
generally don’t see out of these cheapo
Chinese power supplies now I got my ten

00:11:58,009 –> 00:12:04,399
watt resistor here let’s let’s put her
under load and let’s see how accurate we

00:12:04,399 –> 00:12:09,139
are when we’re under load okay so now
we’re set up so that we can check the

00:12:09,139 –> 00:12:13,579
amperage accuracy so I got the whole
thing we got it running out of red and

00:12:13,579 –> 00:12:19,279
into a 10 watt resistor over here into
the multimeter and then back out and

00:12:19,279 –> 00:12:25,850
back into a negative side so that’s
let’s just take a look here we’ll start

00:12:25,850 –> 00:12:32,480
running it up over voltage a little bit
okay so let’s go to 3.3 volts 3.3 volts

00:12:32,480 –> 00:12:38,540
and showing one point four amps right
here and one point three point one three

00:12:38,540 –> 00:12:43,779
nine there okay I’ll take it up to five

00:12:44,319 –> 00:12:52,269
point two 1.20 eighths is still really
super close

00:12:54,149 –> 00:13:05,689
fans kicking in take it up to 12 volts
12 volts showing point five one here

00:13:05,689 –> 00:13:11,790
0.49 seven here we’ll check the accuracy
which I can make sure that’s within spec

00:13:11,790 –> 00:13:21,290
I want to do the math in my head and
let’s just take her right on up

00:13:28,569 –> 00:13:35,360
24 volts 1 amp 0.99 for amps so all in
all through the whole range it looks

00:13:35,360 –> 00:13:41,569
fairly accurate look pretty darn
accurate here so I’m gonna say that’s

00:13:41,569 –> 00:13:53,959
the wind there so all in all not a bad
little product especially for the price

00:13:53,959 –> 00:13:57,649
point I’ll stick a link down and
doobly-doo so you can check it out on

00:13:57,649 –> 00:14:03,920
Amazon yourself but I definitely would
recommend this for like hobbyist or

00:14:03,920 –> 00:14:08,540
guys like me just home gamers just you
know playing around with some

00:14:08,540 –> 00:14:13,189
electronics if you need just a good
decent DC power supply bench power

00:14:13,189 –> 00:14:17,360
supply just to mess around with you
don’t need anything with too terribly

00:14:17,360 –> 00:14:22,129
much precision this is definitely this
is definitely made for for people like

00:14:22,129 –> 00:14:27,319
me so if this review helps you out give
us a thumbs up don’t forget to hit the

00:14:27,319 –> 00:14:32,449
subscribe button more stuff like this
coming definitely gonna play around on

00:14:32,449 –> 00:14:35,839
the interior we’re gonna work with this
thing a little bit and and we might

00:14:35,839 –> 00:14:39,439
actually have a we might actually have a
new series coming up with with arc

00:14:39,439 –> 00:14:44,749
lighting the guys over at 23 B so stay
tuned for that if you enjoy hacking and

00:14:44,749 –> 00:14:48,829
and mess around and play around in the
workshop we’re gonna be we’re gonna be

00:14:48,829 –> 00:14:51,230
having a good time so don’t forget to
hit the subscribe button

00:14:51,230 –> 00:14:58,660
my name is Atari I will see you guys
next time and until then Tallyho y’all

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