Star Trek: Best Destiny

author: Diane Carey
name: Matthew
average rating: 3.86
book published: 1992
rating: 2
read at: 2018/05/21
date added: 2018/05/21
As a coming-of-age tale of a legendary starship captain, Carey’s Best Destiny is as much a product of its era as it is a generic sci-fi romp through an established universe. The novel itself is full of tired Gen-X tropes such as the rebellious teen, the lingering absent father issues, and the “this could be you” antagonist, but despite this, Best Destiny still a fun adventure tale worthy of an episode of Star Trek (if Wesley Crusher were written as a maladjusted adolescent rather than a spit-and-polish nerd in TNG, he could have easily stood in the Jimmy Kirk role on a Very Special Episode).

The action is tight and the “Treknobabble” is everything the early 90s would have you expect it to be, so pick it up if you want to kill a rainy afternoon.

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