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Post Oat Flakes: Feel Your Oats

I’m not sure if I remember Post Oat Flakes cereal, but I’m sure a few people out there have felt their oats!

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element14 Presents The Ben Heck Show. . . and beyond!

I’ve been invited to create content for element14, the community marketing arm of electronics distributor Newark as their long-time “face”, Mr. Benjamin Heckendorn is retiring from his eponymous electronics hacking show. I, along with several other very talented creators, will be producing content under the element14 Presents banner on occasion starting next month!

The best comment on the video, by far.

In addition to my contributions to the new show, I will be producing some behind-the-scenes and other derivative content in addition to my regular production content here and on YouTube, so expect to see more things posted more regularly on all my outlets!

Old National Discount Mall: “Something New” (circa 1992)

Does anyone remember going to the Old National Discount Mall down south of Atlanta? We had the Outlets LTD mall behind Town Center in Kennesaw when I was a kid (now part of KSU), so a trip to the other side of town was out of the question! I do remember these commercials in heavy rotation back in the day, though!

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Law Offices of Paul C. Parker: “Chapter 13” (circa 1992)

Another staple of Atlanta-area daytime television, The Law Offices of Paul C. Parker (later Paul C. Parker and Associates) offered low-priced debt relief and settlement protection through the 1980s and 90s.

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Pearle Vision “30% to 60% Off Sale!” (circa 1992)

A frenetically-paced advert where one woman plays multiple characters to illustrate all the great deals on Pearle Vision glasses.

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The Money Store: “1-800-Loan-Yes” (circa 1988)

Look! It’s the new toll-free phone number for The Money Store! Quick get your second mortgage now from that conveniently-placed pay phone!

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Ed Voyles Chrysler: “Blast-off Savings on Voyager” (circa 1989)

Atlanta-area Chrysler dealership debuts the new Voyager minivan!

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Mervyn’s Anniversary Sale (circa 1989)

Remember the “Mervyn’s Lady”? Oh-pen-oh-pen-oh-pen-oh-pen….

Mercedes-Benz 300 CE Coupe: “Form and Function” (circa 1988)

Mercedes-Benz unveils their new luxury coupe.

Meineke: “Profiles of the Smart and Thrifty” (circa 1992)

Robin Leach profiles an everyday Joe who didn’t pay a lot for a muffler.