Chubby Checker: “Dig Dug”

Come on everybody, clap your hands. We’re goin’ underground to do the Dig Dug dance!

Matt Osborne, son of former Atari VP Don Osborne, uploaded this lost gem to SoundCloud. Little did I know that Mr. Twist himself recorded this track to be used in a television commercial advertising the arcade version of Dig Dug! The track has catchy, danceable tune that has served as the hallmark for CC’s career while he belts out Buckner & Garcia-esque lyrics about the action and adventure one could only find in an arcade at the time. It’s a wonder that the song wasn’t used in the final version of the commercial, but I suppose we’ll just have to chalk it up to another fatal error from Atari’s marketing department.


    1. You just blew up the internet. How would we ever have heard such a masterpiece prior to the web?

      In other news, imagine a live action Dig Dug film.

      1. <cousteau>Come weeth me as we explore ze man-ee meesteries of ze een-ter-nets…</cousteau>

        Meanwhile, I’m hearing the late, great Don Lafontaine in my head: “In a world where monsters inhabit the very ground we stand on. One man dares to challenge this subterranean menace….”

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