How To Add a Shuffle Function in Kodi (XBMC)

Kodi provides powerful metadata-driven sorting for your video collection, separating TV shows into individual seasons and films into particular franchises, but what if you want a more “traditional” television experience? An experience of sitting back and passively letting some omniscient programming director select your next viewing course? Sometimes, we just don’t want to deal with the responsibilities of decision or the overwhelming paradox of choice. For those occasions, the LazyTV plugin saves the day!

When invoked, LazyTV will populate a random playlist containing as many items within your preconfigured criteria as you like, then play them seamlessly until you either stop the stream or the playlist runs out. Add movies to the playlist for the full “1980s TBS experience”.

LazyTV also mimics streaming services like Netflix and Hulu by offering an autoplay function for next episodes in a series. When a selected episode ends, LazyTV will offer to play the next episode automatically (without the pesky “Are You Still Watching?” dialog).

I keep a link to LazyTV’s shuffle function on my home screen, next to TV Shows, because I often run into the dreaded question of what to watch next. When you make lots of high-value decisions during the day, you often don’t have the energy left to make such low-value ones, and your television viewing habits should never be anything to worry over!

LazyTV is available in the official repository, so installation is as simple as navigating to Settings>Add-Ons>Get Add-Ons>>Program Add-Ons and installing LazyTV from the menu. For more information, check out the LazyTV page in the Kodi Wiki.

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