Migrating Photos

You may have noticed more (backdated) posts of photos recently, and that is simply because I’ve started to pull my photos from other servers to place them in my own bucket where I (presumably) have control over them. If not real “control”, I at least can retain ownership and IP rights to them.

As I continue to migrate my online existence over to this space, I will be removing photos from the vast databases I have created on other sites and, hopefully, removing access to that data for purposes of identification. I’m not exactly “going dark” per se, but I would prefer not to have a clear-cut topographical map of my face available to marketers (which is, rather clearly, where targeted marketing is headed).

Meanwhile, on social media, I will be replacing tags of me in photos with either tags of cartoons, popular media characters, or even inanimate objects in order to (hopefully) provide enough noise in the recognition algorithms to effectively camouflage myself from automatic recognition.

Maybe this is overly paranoid. Maybe I should start wearing a tinfoil hat. We’ll find out in a few years. Meanwhile, it’ll be a fun experiment!

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