Moving to Linux Is Even Better Than One Could Expect

I’ve used Linux off and on for years, as can be evidenced by reading this blog. I converted to the Cult of Mac briefly when I learned that my System 76 laptop could not handle proprietary academic software that I needed for school at the time (I still fight that fight on occasion when I am able to). Microsoft left me sore for many years when my XP Pro upgrade kit stopped working after a routine reformatting, so I tried the aluminum fruit. I still prefer to use a Macbook Pro, but all three major OS environments have their drawbacks. OSX hit its peak at Mavericks (flat design is flat…and ugly), Windows has convinced me to downgrade back to 7 since I can’t properly run my VCR with it, and Linux just doesn’t have the support that I need for everyday work (mostly multimedia production). While I firmly believe that a Linux machine can be best for either everyday computing (see Android) or heavy server-side lifting (see every web server ever), I still subscribe to the old doctrine that Macs are great for production (and not much else) while Windows is great for gaming (and not much else).

Outside of practicality, this article is more about the morality and ethos of Linux, and I whole-heartedly agree with the author on those points. Most of the world’s computers run some flavour of Linux now (thanks to Google), and I’m quite okay with that. I’d just like to see people acknowledge that fact a little more loudly.

Saying goodbye to Apple and Microsoft has never been easier, or so satisfying

Source: I Moved to Linux and It’s Even Better Than I Expected — Backchannel — Medium

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