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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 63: Sports awards

IMG_20160525_221332932Go Padres!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 62: The last place to which you traveled

IMG_20160508_132422776McWay Falls, Big Sur, California. One of the handful of places we stopped on a weekend tour of the central coast. Phenomenal scenery and a helluva drive!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 61: School class picture

20151027210316-c2d98b88Mrs. Kehoe’s class: Fourth grade at Still Elementary School, 1992.

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 60: Something you’re excited about

IMG_20160617_130105767Finally. Finally. Finally! AT&T sends the refund cheque so I can apply it to the new account! More generically, getting handed a cheque is always reason to get excited!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 59: A random item that you own

Who wants to play “the ultimate status-seeking, power-tripping, money-spending game, babe” where the object is to “be seen in all the right places, wear all the right clothes, have all the right friends, or lose”?

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 58: Your favorite animal

13335612_10208108743108332_8936605839109614626_n…There’s no animal that’s more faithful, that’s more loyal, more lovable than the mutt. Who saw Old Yeller? Who cried when Old Yeller got shot at the end? Nobody cried when Old Yeller got shot? I’m sure. I cried my eyes out.

John Winger (Bill Murray), Stripes

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 57: Your favorite holiday

20151005222000-4e8444e0Yes, it’s a cliché, but Christmas really is my favorite time of year. Despite the extra obligatory travel that I’ve experienced in a broken family, the Christmas season is usually the one time that everyone comes together (whether physically or via technology). I have so many silly “Christmas” traditions that I observe, too–like the 25 Days of Christmas Specials (I had that idea before ABC Family did), Merry Angstmas, Festivus, gluhwein, beignets–that it makes the whole season more of a month-long festival!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 56: Something that makes you happy

IMG_20160605_121853577_HDRThese are the guts of Project Spoofy.

Building things, working with my brain and my hands, figuring out practical puzzles, production, making things work–these are the things that make me happy. Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to build things–from castles of wooden blocks to towering marble runs of paper and scotch tape. When I discovered computers, I became a budding programmer and built my own worlds and simple games with which to explore them.  In middle and into high school, I grew with the early web, building intricate websites on Angelfire and Geocities, then I moved into multimedia and producing shorts, films, and audio productions, and even the occasional pirate radio broadcast!

Flash forward, and here I am still building websites, still tinkering with computers, still working on videos and audio productions. I just happen to have better equipment at my disposal!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 55: The last film you saw in cinemas

star-wars-the-force-awakens-quad-posterChewie, we’re home!

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 54: The one think you would bring with you if stranded on a deserted island

KTI_SA1G_in_bracket.2__40802.1357004940.1280.1280If I’m going to be stranded on a deserted island, you’d better believe that I’m bringing an EPIRBS!