As The World Turns closing credit sequence (circa 1988)

1988 closing credits from “As The World Turns” including the advertisement that put the “soap” in “soap opera”, Dan Region’s invitation for the next episode, and the Procter & Gamble Productions ident. I don’t know about you, but that theme song really sticks out in my memory. My mom watched ATWT religiously (hence the VHS recording), so this sequence conjures a weird nostalgia for me. A nostalgia for simpler times, console televisions, and syndicated cartoons.

CBS Station Ident Cards (late 80s-early 90s)

“This is CBS.”

Then there’s this: Not as classy as the “Rainbow Spinner”, but it was always fun to see the “Special Presentation” intro (it usually meant a “Peanuts” special coming on)!

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