ELO: The Video Game

Who doesn’t love ELO? With Jeff Lynne’s synthy riffs, deep musicianship, and haunting vocals, Electric Light Orchestra proved themselves to be one of the best bands of the progressive rock era. In addition, they helped pioneer the idea of the concept album–a collection of songs that fit together either thematically or musically–to tell a story. ELO bridged the gap between esoteric prog-rock (a la Pink Floyd or The Moody Blues) and the dance-pop sounds of 1970s-era Top 40 radio.

To celebrate Jeff Lynne’s incredible contribution to popular music, the gang over at Pterodactyl Squad have put together a smashing tribute to one of the best bands of the progressive rock era. They took concepts and sounds explored through ELO’s many hits, combined them with the spacy artwork found on many of their album covers, and imagined a frenetic shoot-em-up fueled by some of the most famous riffs in classic rock. If you close your eyes, you can just imagine yourself in an alternate 1989, sitting in your living room alone with your Ataritendo Genesis and television, piloting a small fighter around the scenescape in the cover of Out Of The Blue, blasting past evil women, searching for Mr. Blue Sky before he is turned to stone.

Strange magic, indeed!