How To Set Up a Raspberry Pi as a NOAA Satellite Receiver with RTL-SDR


For Project TIROS, I’m building a briefcase-style NOAA satellite receiver using upcycled parts centered around a Raspberry Pi. In this video, I will walk you through the process of installing the necessary software components to use the RTL-SDR module on a Raspberry Pi for NOAA satellite reception.

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element14 Presents: Project Caroline — Raspberry Pi Pirate Radio Station

Matthew relives some of his youthful hacking by dabbling in a little “pirate radio” broadcasting. In this video, he builds a handheld FM transmitter from some salvaged parts and a Raspberry Pi. The Pi uses a piece of software to convert wav files to frequency-modulated signals emitted from GPIO pin 7. To improve transmission quality and prevent undesired signals, Matthew also designs and builds a band pass filter and seals everything in a shielded case.

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B 98.5 FM: “Listen At Work Payoff” (circa 1992)

B98.5FM-Atlanta used to run a contest during the weekday 9-5 slots, to increase listenership during sweeps, giving away $1000 every hour.

Anyone in the A know if they still do this? I remember it was a big deal back then!