The Best BitTorrent Client: Why Have a Torrent When You Can Have a Deluge?

BitTorrent is by far the most effective means of quickly distributing large files to many recipients, but the decentralised and open-source structure of the system has created an overabundance of client software. The BitTorrent project itself recommends using its own ĀµTorrent downloader client, but since going commerical, it has turned into an ad-laden, buggy, lethargic beast unsuitable for speedy downloads.

I’ve used Transmission extensively in my Linux and OSX work, so I’ve been content with it as it is simple and works. With the VCR running on Windows, I needed a client that worked in the new OS. ĀµTorrent was the obvious first choice, but as you can see, that did not last long.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 10.50.51 PM

I discovered Deluge by chance, and I have to admit, I am quite enamoured with it. The interface is very similar to any number of other BT clients, but the magic is in its automation options, its speed, and the fact that it is cross-platform. Seriously, Deluge is the zippiest client I’ve used yet! Try it and you’ll see that Deluge connects to peers faster and more reliably than any other client I’ve used, and it has reduced the times for my completely legit downloads by roughly half! It is certainly the best BitTorrent client that I’ve run across!

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