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Hallmark Donkey Kong Ornament Teardown

In my quest to make the World’s Smallest Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet, I needed to tear down the 2018 Hallmark Keepsake Donkey Kong arcade cabinet Christmas tree ornament and see how I could use the shell to house my electronics. In this video, you’ll see the complete process (including a lot of trial and error) as well as what makes this “magic” ornament tick!

They’re sold out from Hallmark, but you can try the usual suspects:



Watch the complete build

Music by Anders Enger Jensen

2018 Hallmark Keepsake Nintendo Ornament Review

For a Very Special Element14 Christmas, I’ll be building a project using one of Hallmark’s Keepsake ornaments. But first, I’ve got to open them up and have a look at how they work. In this video, I’ll be unboxing as well as reviewing the Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda 2018 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, showing their functions, and giving my initial thoughts.

They’re sold out from Hallmark, but you can try the usual suspects: Amazon


element14 Presents — Project Mooninite: Raspberry Pi Asteroid Tracker

Whether you call them “blinkies”, “throwies”, “sparklers”, or anything else, LED art is an interesting nexus of street art and hacker culture.

Connect with Matt on element14 and find the B.O.M at:

Events such as DEFCON even have exhibitions for the most creative blinky designs while maker storefronts sell them in every conceivable shape. In this video, Matt collaborates with his friends at the National Upcycled Computing Collective to build a solar-powered “smart” blinky that not only looks cool at night, but contributes its computing power to a worldwide network that’s looking for disease cures, extraterrestrial intelligence, rogue asteroids, and more!

WonderCon 2017

WonderCon 2017

Vincent van Gogh, Tilt-Shifted

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“In This Fleeting Moment” sculpture in Laguna Beach, CA



An Instance at Griffith Observatory


Summer of 100 Photos, Day 87: Something you hold dear to your heart


During my sophomore year of high school, the Powers That Be decided to sell out the exclusive vending machine rights to PepsiCo. Now, being the budding political firebrand that I was, as well as a lifelong Coca-Cola fan (the south has always been one of the contested fronts in the Cola Wars), I took it upon myself to revolt in the face of what I considered an inappropriate public-corporate relationship. A relationship that created a monopoly within the walls of a building that the inhabitants were legally obligated to attend and had little recourse for outside alternatives.

Enter this artwork, lovingly painted in watercolor by my baby sister (who couldn’t have been but 6 or 7 at the time) in a show of solidarity with her heroic big brother, fighting the rent-seeking corporations in the waning years of the 1990s. We always have been a pair of rebels, even if we rebel in different ways.

Drawings (circa 1999)

Battle Chess


I drew this sometime back in the mid-1990s, my interpretation of the cover art for Interplay’s Battle Chess. For some reason, I found the Queen quite…inspirational. For comparison, here is the original:1069577527-00

Well, the artist is granted some creative license when creating a reproduction, right?