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WonderCon 2017

WonderCon 2017

This Highway Patrolled By Aircraft




Summer of 100 Photos, Day 80: Your favorite childhood film

1ed93aef2ddddb1662e2c58d73906006People consider this to be one of the worst films ever made, but I don’t care; I unironically love this film in all of its cheesy glory! Robert Altman did such a superb job with casting and directing Jules Feiffer’s admittedly silly screenplay, that it plays out exactly like the old Popeye cartoons! The music is catchy, charming, and lovable and only adds to the ambiance of this quirky little world (that still exists as a theme park in Malta, by the way!)

In a world before gritty reboots of lighthearted properties, Popeye stands out as being the adaptation truest to its source material.

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 72: A stuffed animal

20151029012929-eb935c60I gotta start bringing Spaceman Snoopy along on more of my beer adventures. The last time he tagged along was when this photo was taken–when the final launch of Shuttle Discovery was scrubbed postponed due to weather and we stopped by Cocoa Beach Brewing Company to drown our sorrows.

Summer of 100 Photos, Day 8: A picture that makes you laugh

20151029121404-8e693477Oh, xkcd, I still love you after all these years.

If UNO Was an Anime

It’s already better than Yu-Gi-Oh!

Nerd Cred and Teaching with Ms. Marvel

HoJo takes some groundbreaking work in comics and uses them to bring light on real problems felt by real people in our idiotic post-9/11 world.

Source: Nerd Cred and Teaching with Ms. Marvel | Holly A. Jordan

I will speak AMERICAN!

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

50 years ago today.