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Tylenol: “Arthritis Pain” (circa 1993)

Before everyone was addicted to opioids for pain relief, Tylenol wanted to let everyone know that doctors often just prescribe it for minor aches and pains associated with arthritis.

TBS: “Two Nights of Walking Tall” (circa 1989)

TBS built its media empire on the MGM and WB back catalogues. It seemed that they showed a movie several times per day, saving the best programming for their mid-week late slots to grab viewers from The Networks.

United Artists Ident Card (circa 1980s)

Some people might call this one of the scariest production ident cards in history, and I could see how that would happen. It’s got creepy music and an overall dark vibe. I still like it because it reminds me of the Timothy Dalton James Bond films!

United Way: “Listen” (circa 1992)

When government welfare programs don’t get funding, the United Way is there?

Uptons Anniversary Sale (circa 1989)

Before Kohl’s, Uptons was the neighborhood department store in the suburban South.

TBS Sunday Night: Vera Cruz (circa 1989)

I grew up with these old westerns on TBS, so this always brings back special memories for me.

Viacom Ident (circa 1992)

I think this was the “friendlier” replacement for the “V of Doom” (which I kinda preferred)

Introducing Vienetta (circa 1992)

How do you make convenience store ice cream treats appealing to nouveau riche yuppies recently escaped to the suburbs? Put it in a champagne coupe!

Visa: “Tropical Island” (circa 1993)

Oh, the grand days of cross-promotional marketing! This exhibit from 1993 does more to show off Carnival Cruises than the benefits of a Visa card…or does it? (Because Carnival “doesn’t take American Express”)

WAGA-TV Atlanta 40 Year Anniversary (circa 1989)

Remember when WAGA (Channel 5) was a CBS affiliate? Things went downhill fast after the switch to Fox. Some old, familiar faces in this nice piece of nostalgic nostalgia.