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The Many Deaths of Barney The Dinosaur: Brnd500

I found these floating around AOL back in in the mid-1990s, perfect entertainment for a 12-year-old with a chip on his shoulder! If anyone can help me track down the original creator, please let me know!

Barney the Dinosaur wipes out in a major crash during the Indy 500.

NASCAR Commercials (circa 1989-1992)

Remember back when no one wanted the broadcast rights to NASCAR, so Turner took a chance and ran wild with them?

How about back when the only people who knew what NASCAR was were walking out of a screening of “Days of Thunder”? Those were the days!

1500 Tara Place: “The Most Prestigious Address In Motorsports” (circa 1992)

Following a major renovation at Atlanta Motor Speedway, some forward-thinking real estate developers decided to build a condominium complex adjacent to the grandstand. 1500 Tara Place is, technically, the address for the track, too–which is odd. The condos still stand today, even though they function more as corporate club-level boxes than anything else. I honestly don’t know who would pay $800k to live in a condo in Hampton, GA when they could buy an estate house in an adjacent neighborhood for less than half that price! Even the main selling point–the fact that it overlooks the track–is only good for a couple weekends a year! For the money, I think I’d rather buy a helicopter to fly in on race weekends.

Fox Sports got Jim Ross to give real commentary for the hilarious NASCAR fight

The “fight” wasn’t so much a fight as it was a hugging match, and Jim Ross makes that point hilariously clear. “The toughest thing out there is the concrete!”

For a long time now, one of the go-to memes for internet sports blogs has been dubbing commentary from legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross over various slobberknocking events in the sports world.

Source: Fox Sports got Jim Ross to give real commentary for the hilarious NASCAR fight

If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world!

I love Bill Nye. I also love NASCAR, but I do get annoyed by how much the Association tries to “regulate” the cars. NASCAR routinely outlaws technological advancements at the behest of manufacturers (anyone remember Richard Petty’s Roadrunner?) and under the guise of “testing the skills of the drivers themselves” (restrictor plate racing, anyone?). Rednecks everywhere pitched a fit when Toyota joined the fray (and subsequently started winning races). Professional auto racing should be about pushing the limits of automotive technology (look at Formula E) and NASCAR could embrace electric cars, legitimizing them in the eyes of the naysayers.

Source: If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the…

The Riveting, Blackout-Inducing World of Plane Racing

Flying just a few feet above the ground at more than 200 mph and suffering up to 10 Gs of force would terrify most people. Kirby Chambliss calls “a perfect fit.”

Source: The Riveting, Blackout-Inducing World of Plane Racing | WIRED

360° Stig (4K) – Top Gear

Some say he only recently emerged in three dimensions. All we know is that you should watch this on your phone.

Source: 360° Stig (4K) – Top Gear