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EJ & Beth’s Wedding in Morgan Hill, CA

To celebrate the union of my “little brother” Eric, The Barbie and I took the doggos on a little weekend trip to the southern tip of Silicon Valley and the wine country town of Morgan Hill, California. Naturally, we found a few vintners to sample and surprisingly many of them were quite dog friendly!

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What’ll ya have?

img_20161024_133252336For our road-weary traveler, nothing but the finest will do. That’s why we’re going to eat at The Varsity!

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What’s your vector, Victor?


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Well, that’s one way to make airline food taste better


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Harley-Davidson: “One More Thing” (circa 1992)

One of the Greatest Generation laments that, of all the amazing things he’s done and seen, he never got his Harley.

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Restoring Tiki Room Birds

There’s something about Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room that I love–be it the music, the whimsy, the kitsch, or just the Dole Whip and air-conditioning–but it also remains an important piece of entertainment history. It was the proof-of-concept for all of Disney’s Audio-Animatronic attractions, including those for the theme parks and the World’s Fair exhibitions. Over the years, some of these characters have ended up in rough shape, but Kevin Kidney takes the ones he can and documents the process of restoring them to their former glory.

For several years I’ve had the great fun of “figure finishing” some of Disney’s historic Audio-Animatronic characters, both internally for the Disney Company and for private collections.

Source: Kevin Kidney: Fancy Feathers: Restoring Tiki Room Birds

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee: “Spring Morning” (circa 1992)

Advertisement for the Great Smoky Mountain tourist destination, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. So much to do!

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Summer of 100 Photos, Day 100: The final photo of yourself


I can’t think of a much better way to close the summer than an open-air concert at the world famous Hollywood Bowl featuring the incomparable John Williams.

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The DragonCon Guide To Atlanta

For those of y’all attending Dragon*Con this year from out of town, here’s a handy guide to my old city!

Source: DragonCon / Guide To Atlanta

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I found out where the Rocketeer has been hiding all these years!

He’s been vending popcorn in Tomorrowland since 1947



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