Create a Linux slideshow using fbi

Fbi (Frame Buffer Imageviewer, not that other FBI) is a great lightweight Linux slideshow viewer that’s executable from the command line. It’s super simple to install, too:

sudo apt-get install fbi

Fbi will take any file or folder you specify in the command and create a slideshow. All the parameters are specified in the command line, for example:

fbi -noverbose -a -u -t 180 /PATH/TO/PHOTOS/*.jpg

For Project Spoofy, I’m going to point the fbi path to the ownCloud installation, but there’s a hitch: ownCloud has strict permissions, so it can only be accessed by root. In order to run fbi, we’ll need to run it as root. We can’t do this through sudo, though, as that only elevates privileges of the current user (pi). We’ll have to enable the root account either by logging in or by invoking the sudo -i command.

For more information on the fbi application, check out the manpage here.

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