Digging Through the Archives: “Armand Clovis” from The Angst Squadron Chronicles

Another bit written by Chris, posted for posterity.

Born unto Bavarian aristocracy, Armand Lestat Clovis grew up privelidged, but lonely. He hated the constant aloofness and arrogance his position demanded. A constant, building resentment of stereotypes and mass popular society started at a very early age. His parents were always the life of every party they hosted, which was almost a daily event. Armand hated this. He despised the shallow, champagne-sipping, conformist persons his parents were involved with. He was the complete opposite of his parents. They, the rich aristocracy, and always willing to rub that fact in. Armand, an intellectual realist and philosopher, who would rather be poor and happy. To his parents dismay and anger, he would spend their parties alone reading or writing. Always the quiet loner, he relished playing tricks on his parents’ guests. After an incident involving crossed wiring and a few other gizmos he rigged together under the punchbowl, Armand’s parents decided they had been subjected to enough misbehaviour and sent him to boarding school in England.

Ecstatic to be so far removed from his parents, Armand turned out to be quite the bright pupil, thus was allowed a leave of absence on the weekends. Of course, Armand never quite made it back to the family castle–he spent his time around Picadilly Square in nearby London, in the arcades, or in the used bookstores. He also fell in with the underground movements and styles, and this soon melded his eccentric, more romantic realist than anything else, personal styles and ways. He was soon an ecclectic mix of punk, goth, and Thoreau-styled philosopher/intellectual. This soon led way to an educational but illiegal habit with some friends, stealing books. This small band was soon known as only the 451ers, after Ray Bradbery’s book, Fahrenheit 451.

During a stint in one of these old hang-outs, Armand happened upon the manager who was about to dispose of an odd-looking game machine. Armand asked the manager if he could look at the machine. Thus, Armand had his first real practical application of electronics: he restored an original Space Invaders cabinet to perfect working order. It was about this time that Armand also met an interseting individual–a sort of Zen Pinball Master. A combination of Confucius and The Who’s “Tommy.” He taught Armand much about life and devulged all of his wisdom to the teenager. Around this time Clovis “aquired” a used copy of J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”, and soon aquired the nickname of Holden from the many similarities between the main character, Holden Caulfield, and himself.

After going on Holiday in the spring, Armand and his roommate, James, the remiss son of the CEO of the British Broadcasting Corporation, pooled their combined intelligences and built a small radio station able to be received throughout the campus and surrounding hamlet. This illiegal station, and the busting of the 451ers, soon got Armand arrested. He was allowed to keep his rather large liberary due to lack of evidence, and his portion of the equipment of the station. Consequently, Armand was returned to Germany, but disowned by his socialite parents.

Having nowhere else to go, Armand, now eighteen, sold the station parts to James, and a few books, and bought a bus fare to the recruiter’s office. He quickly enlisted into the newly-formed U.N. Spacy where he went through basic training, then to radio school, and finally to pilot school. Around this time, Clovis had a short but monumetal relationship with a blind date, Moira, set up by an old friend from basic training. Upon recieving his wings,

Corporal Clovis was assigned to the 12th Veritech Tactical Attack Squadron, Galaga Squadron, on board the SDF-1. Soon after assignment, Moira ended the relationship and Clovis seemed to lose his mind in the following weeks. Proving to be an excellent pilot despite his glasses, he rose through the ranks quickly and was soon a staff seargent. He was then assigned corporal Kellen Rand as wingman. Soon the team was known for their bravery and ferocity. Rand was quickly promoted to lieutenant and reassigned to the 42nd VTAS, Angst Squadron. Earth Defense high command soon transferred Clovis as well, fearing repercussions from splitting up the infamous team.

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