How To Eliminate Transparency in OSX Yosemite

Apple keeps fiddling around with their flagship OS, changing little things here and there. One of the less intrusive, yet still annoying changes from Mavericks to Yosemite and El Capitan is the addition of a “transparency” effect that gives this sort of frosted glass look to menu bars and drop-downs. I prefer my easily-read opaque menus, thankyouverymuch. Fortunately for Apple Luddites like me, there is a way to eliminate transparency in OSX altogether.

Just like the tap-to-drag settings, reverting any of Apple’s silly aesthetic choices is as simple as finding them in the Accessibility pane under System Settings. In the menu on the left, highlight “Display” and check the box next to “Reduce Transparency”.

Not reduce, but eliminate transparency in OSXBob’s your uncle.

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