Facebook Photo Exodus Phase One Complete

As of right now, I have removed all photos of myself that I have posted to Facebook over the years. It was a major undertaking, to be sure, but I like the feeling of control that I have over my photos now.

They are, of course, still accessible through this website. I will add a proper link to the gallery in time.

The bigger question now is what to do about the dozens of photos I’m tagged in that aren’t mine. I would love to have access to these albums still, but I don’t know how best to manage that. For now, please don’t be alarmed if you notice me removing tags from your photos. I still love you all; I’m simply managing my data a little more cautiously.

I think the best course of action will be to tag myself as some odd object in one of the album’s photos, thus keeping me in the album, but sufficiently confusing Facebook’s algorithm by keeping the noise ratios high, which will help lead into the next phase of the Sparticus Experiment rather nicely.

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