Hoppy International India Pale Ale Day!

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Benjamin Franklin

IPA descends from the earliest pale ales of the 17th century. The term “pale ale” originally denoted an ale which had been brewed from pale malt. The pale ales of the early 18th century were lightly hopped and quite different from later pale ales. By the mid-18th century, pale ale was mostly manufactured with coke-fired malt, which produced less smoking and roasting of barley in the malting process, and hence produced a paler beer. One such variety of beer was October beer, a pale well-hopped brew popular among the landed classes, who brewed it domestically; once brewed it was intended to cellar two years.


Probably one of my favourite holidays, today is the day when we get to celebrate my favourite style of beer:  The India Pale Ale (or IPA, for short).  I’d love to enjoy a nice tall Sweetwater IPA on draught, but, being in California (and well outside of Sweetwater’s distribution network), I’ll have to settle with a nice, tall Stone IPA this evening.  Oh, the sacrifices!  Anyway, hope you got your ticket!

Come have a pint with me!

4 thoughts on “Hoppy International India Pale Ale Day!”

  1. Stumbled upon this blog from somewhere in the internet universe. I think it was your response to Conan about White Castle; Krystals are much better. I have to say that I totally agree with you on the Sweetwater. 420 is my favorite. I live in Atlanta and will be enjoying a couple cold ones tonight. They’re doubling the size of the brewery so you may get some out in Cali one of these days.


    1. Hey, thanks for responding! Yeah, I gotta say Krystals are a guilty pleasure (too bad we don’t have them in Cali–I’ll have to grab some in September when I head back to Atlanta) and FAR better than White Castle. I can’t wait until they finish renovations at the brewery–parking was atrocious when I was there in June! But hey, if I can get Stone on the east coast, hopefully I’ll be able to get Sweetwater out west soon! Couldn’t imagine anything better than a day of surfing followed by an ice cold Hummer 🙂


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