How To Fix the d3dx9_43.dll Error In Windows 7

As the VCR continues to evolve, I’m adding game support to the system, making it an all-in-one entertainment box. To start, I’ll be using Retroarch for most of my classic game emulation. I’ll write more about the program in another number, but the biggest problem getting it to run in Windows is the need for DirectX 9 support. Without installing DirectX 9, upon your first run of Retroarch, you’ll receive a d3dx9_43.dll missing error. In this number, I will direct you how to fix the d3dx9_43.dll error in Windows 7.

Download DirectX End-User Runtimes to install d3dx9_43.dll or any other missing libraries

Interestingly enough, newer DirectX distributions may not come with the required dll files, so you’ll have to download these from Mircosoft. The June 2010 DirectX End-User Runtimes package contains all the files you should need to support Retroarch and other, older Windows games. Simply navigate to the download page, and run the setup file.

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