How To Kill A Process From Command Line In Windows 7

I’ve been playing around with adding video game functionality to the VCR as of late, and to that end I picked up an Xbox 360-compatible wireless controller, complete with guide button. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not make using–much less programming–the guide button very easy, but I have a workaround that I will elaborate on in a later number. There is a small applet running in the background that listens for the guide button and responds in a preprogrammed manner; however, I do not want this applet functioning all the time because it becomes annoying when not within the game atmosphere.

In order to call the applet when I want to, I use Eventghost and trigger the applet upon a particular task creation. To stop the applet, however, I needed to execute a batch command. The “taskkill” command can easily kill a process from command line as long as its listed in the Task Manager.

taskkill /f /im process.exe

The /f tag will force quit the particular process and the /im tag indicates the image name of the process (as listed in the Task Manager).

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