How to use a USB IR blaster with WinLIRC

Assuming your homebrew IR blaster works correctly, you should now be able to send commands to your USB IR blaster with WinLIRC (or simply LIRC under Linux, the commands are nearly the same).

Setting up WinLIRC for an FTDI-driven blaster is as simple as selecting the “SerialDevice.dll” plugin and the appropriate config file.

Image credit: WinLIRC/Ian Curtis
Image credit: WinLIRC/Ian Curtis

The WinLIRC config files are available from the WinLIRC remote database on Sourceforge. Download the one that matches your receiver or device, and place that file in the “Config” dialog. If your particular device is not available from the database, you will need to create your own config file. WinLIRC includes a tool that will allow you to capture commands using a USB IR receiver and play them back using your blaster. Click the “OK” button and WinLIRC should have no trouble connecting to your blaster.

Testing your USB IR blaster with WinLIRC

In the WinLIRC control window, you can select from two dropdown menus, one for remotes and one for commands. Choose the appropriate selections from each menu, and send the command to verify that your settings are correct.

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