Internet Power: Discover The World Of Online Entertainment

For those of you of a certain age, you may remember the sorts of relics featured in this video. I remember a world where the Internet was a myriad of grey windows decked in low-res .gif or .jpeg images and Times New Roman 12pt font. Either that, or it was all held within the walled garden of America Online, Compuserve, Prodigy, or MSN. This VHS copy from 1995 introduces the viewer to the newest, greatest technical achievement: The World Wide Web.

But before we go too far, let’s take a moment and have a look at just what the Internet is and what it takes to start surfing through Cyberspace. You may already be a net surfer and you may want to skip this section, but if you’re just starting out, we suggest you spend a few minutes getting familiar with some of the most common Internet terms.

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