James Horner 1953-2015

I’m reminded of the high school debates my friend Jimmy and I would have over who was the better film composer: Horner or Williams. Horner had the stain of Titanic on him while Williams was riding on the wave of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, giving him the obvious edge in my book. Over the years (and after the onslaught of Harry Potter and Star Wars prequels) I’ve learned that Williams did his best stuff 20 years ago and hasn’t done much good since while Horner continued to produce engaging, original scores until his untimely death. Instead of a selection from Glory, though, I would like to highlight some of his less-often-cited (Disney) works:

The instrumental score to Disneyland’s Captain EO

The score to the obscure Roger Rabbit short “Tummy Trouble”

And, probably my favourite Horner piece, the opening theme to Honey, I Shrunk The Kids featuring a fantastic homage to Raymond Scott’s “Powerhouse”

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